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Welcome!  It's been about 10 years since I updated my website, so this update is long overdue.  I will work on getting some updated photos. At least the picture of me (above) is current now.  I don't want to be like the billboards all over Reno with 30 year old photos of old washed up stars coming to town!!

In 2012 we sold which had pretty much monopolized our time for 13 years.  It was pretty traumatic deciding to sell it (went back and forth and back and forth for 5+ years), so I expected some regrets or second thoughts.  But those never came. I guess it really was time for us to move on.  Fortunately we had built a good business, so a number of people wanted to buy it and the transition went flawlessly.

Sometimes it feels like we were in a long time warp during those years.  Clothes out of date, technology out of date, social skills out of date.  LOL  Now we're going through the house layer by layer, getting rid of 10-15 years worth of paper and other clutter that has built up.  Not to mention catching up on technology: tablets, cell phones, streaming, etc.

2013 was a whirlwind year. 
- Skiing was terrible, there just wasn't much snow.  But we did a lot of house clean-up and tried to plan what to do with our lives! 
- Glen got back into flying model airplanes after a 15 year hiatus.  That occupies quite a bit of his time.  I've been pretty focused on getting the finances in order, including the purchase of 2 additional commercial buildings which we now get income from.  I also started painting in 2011, so that's kept me busy.
- In spring we went to Hawaii for a few months where Cindi learned to play the ukulele!  We started doing some hiking, and one of our favorite pastimes became hanging out at good happy hours like Humpy's Ale House and Fish Hopper (both on Alii).
- Just before we left Hawaii, Glen broke his ankle playing roller hockey, so we went to Sun Valley, Idaho for his surgery.  We had a house rented there for 6 weeks so the timing worked out well.  Surgery went great, and Glen even got out and around with his scooter, flying his airplanes. 
- Luckily the ankle healed just in time because 1 week after he could put weight on the ankle we headed to Europe for 6 weeks in France and Switzerland.
- No rest for the weary, just another week in Reno and then on to Hawaii to finish out the year.

In 2014 we hope to get some better skiing, and plan to spend a lot of time in Hawaii.  We also hope to finally find a house to buy in Sun Valley, where we will move our mainland house from Reno.  I am about to start writing a book that I've been working on / collecting information and ideas about for a while. More on that later.

January 2, 2014